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The goal of this project is to make reliable and spatial data on banana production areas and their characteristics in Africa available. These data are available for download in the following formats:

  1. The archive of shapefiles checked and published by the project team
  2. The version that  is currently showing on the  Banana Area Editor (as shapefile, as text)
  3. Maps that you or others made in the gallery (images)

Please be aware that the data provided on this page is a constant work in progress. We can’t take any liability that it is 100% correct or accurate. If you think something is wrong, please let us know or change it.

We are aware that the Banana Area Editor has its limits in editing. Therefore you might want to edit using your own GIS software and would also like to see these changes incorporated in the project. You can do this by simply downloading one of the shapefiles mentioned above, edit using your own GIS software and sending the data by email to the project team (see contacts). They will then review and upload your changes to the database.

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