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Maps derived from the dataset on banana producing areas (published by the authors).

The banana production areas have been downloaded from the website, reviewed and uploaded on October 7 2010. Changes were modest and mainly consisted of changing of banana areas: Costa Rica was added and Tanzania, Rwanda and DRC were corrected. In addition metadata was added to the shape-file as well as the contributers that have helped creating it.

Banana production areas published on 06/10/2010

All characteristics of the above Banana production areas are summarized in: Statistics Banana Areas September 2010. These statistics represent the initial situation (before any editing is done) and will be remade on a temporary basis and compared to the initial situation to trach changes.

Spread of BXW disease in Africa as published at 07/09/2010

Spread of BBT disease in Africa as published at 07/09/2010

Share of farm area for bananas in Tanzania as published at 07/09/2010

Figures derived from the dataset on banana producing areas (published by the authors).

Area (sqkm) of the banana producing areas per country

Percentage of produced banana variety, published at 06/09/2010

Detailed map per country
You can use this overview map to view detailed maps on individual countries, just click on your desired country

Site map
If you are missing a map for a certain country, refer to the ‘maps’ section of the archive.

User maps
(If you use our data to create maps, figures or anything else, feel free to send us a copy via email and we will publish it here.

Creative Commons License
The data on banana production areas in africa by Bouwmeester / Rieffel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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