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We want to thank the people who contributed to the dataset. All are added to the meta-data of the shapefile that can be downloaded. Many others have contributed but have not been recorded. If you are such a person and would like to be acknowledged, please contact the authors of this site.  The list is in alphabetical order.

  • Addis, Temesgen – Initial data supply Ethiopia
  • Akinyemi, Sunday (Nat. Horticultural Research Institute) – Initial data supply Nigeria
  • Beed, Fen (IITA TZ) – Logistics and ideas
  • Bouwmeester, Hein (IITA TZ) – Ideas and contributions
  • Brown, David (Bioversity) – Data supply Costa Rica
  • Bulili, Sayi (Tanzania ARI) – Initial data supply Tanzania
  • Celstin, Niyongere – Initial data supply Burundi
  • Eden-Green, Simon (EG-Consulting) – Initial data supply Mozambique and Uganda
  • Hauser, Stefan (IITA DRC) – Initial data supply DRC and Cameroon
  • Koo, Jawoo (CIGAR-CSI) – Providing technical infrastructure and support
  • Mobambo, Patrick (Université de Kinshasa) – Initial data supply DRC
  • Mulenga, Rabson (Zambia ARI) – Initial data supply Zambia
  • Onyango, Margaret (KARI) – Initial data supply Kenya
  • Ramathani, Idd (IITA-Uganda) – Initial data supply Uganda
  • Rieffel, Philippe (IITA TZ) – Ideas and contributions
  • Staver, Charles (Bioversity) – Initial data supply of many countries
  • Vroh, Bi (IITA Nig) – Initial data supply West African countries
  1. I remembered drawing out the Nigeria map in Mombasa, Why is my name not in the acknowledgment? thanks.

    • hein permalink

      Because I did not record the names of all the people that helped in the initial drawing. But it is very good you mailed me and I will gladly add you to the contributers page. On the contributers page I will list your name (S.O.S. Akinyemi). Can you give me the name of the institute you are working at? in Nigeria?

      Do you agree by the way to the areas that are specified on the website. If you think changes are necessary please feel free to edit.

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