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Using production data to prioritize germplasm collecting

by Luigi on October 7th, 2010

One of the possible applications of crop production mapping work such as this is that it allows you to work out to what extent germplasm collections may be representative of the diversity that’s out there in the field. Gap analysis of this kind has been done for a number of crops, but not yet banana.

One of the reasons for that is that the banana germplasm data is not well geo-referenced. But hopefully that will change. And having production maps against which to compare where material has been collected may well be a strong incentive to collect better provenance data in the future. However, it would also be great if along with the production data, this project also collected some basic information about banana diversity, even just local variety names would be interesting. That way it would perhaps be possible to identify and prioritize high-diversity areas for exploration and further collecting.

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  1. hein permalink

    Hi Luigi,

    Can you send me the banana germplasm data that is georeferenced? I am interested and would like to see how these fit into the areas that we have.


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