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by philippe on September 28th, 2010

The last two month were dedicated to the development of a technical base to allow crowdsourced mapping of banana production areas in the whole Africa . After creating a first version of the ‘Banana Open Access platform’ and developing an online appearance for the whole project it was the next step in the project to start groundprooving the data on site and to involve experts who have a high amount of detailed knowledge for certain areas. The project ‘Banana Open Access platform” aims indeed at the banana production for the whole of Africa, but the design of the software allows the input of very detailed data at small scales. To introduce the project to experts and to get further involved with the banana production in Africa, I was scheduled to go to Bukoba, Tanzania for 4 days. Bukoba is a town in northwest Tanzania on the western shore of Lake Victoria. It is the capital of the Kagera region. The Kagera region holds 8 districts, one is Karagawe, this district is a very prominent area for banana production in Tanzania. After leaving Dar es Salaam in direction Bukoba at the 21th of September… [read more]

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