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by philippe on September 15th, 2010

We added three more layers to the read only version of the editor, these can be used to visualize the spread of BBTV and BXW as well as to show, which variety type of Banana is mainly grown where. The new layers can be accessed through the layer switcher on the left side. Further layers will be added in the future. Which information could be of greatest value to be put in as a new layer first? What do you think?

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  1. Excellent that you can annotate the map with variety type, and presumably eventually also variety name (local name)! Does this mean that it will in due course be possible to analyze the spatial distribution of diversity, at least at the variety level?

  2. hein permalink

    Initially the local variety name was attached to about 40% of the banana producing areas. However, there was a lack of consistency in the spelling and naming so I decided to simplify and only show banana type. Problem is the variety names are typically very local (read unique) so if there are 100 banana areas there will be 100 local varieties. Nevertheless, you are not the first one to show an interest in variety name so we could re-introduce it to the dataset. Lets add it to the to do list.

    cheers, Hein

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