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[Dataset change] Countries:{DR Congo}

by hein on September 13th, 2010

Today, I changed the data set and edited data in those countries {DR Congo}.
I did the following:

[yes ] changed the shape of areas
[ ] created new shapes
[ ] deleted shapes
[ ] checked present characteristics and confirmed, that they are correct
[ ] corrected present characteristics
[ ] entered new characteristics
[ ] other {please specify}

Comment: {The present shapes in Eastern DRC were partly in Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika. I corrected this}

Name: {Hein Bouwmeester}
Organisation: {IITA}

From → data changes

  1. Prof Ruhigwa Baguma A. Patrice permalink

    I am presently based in Bunia as the “Recteur de l’Universite de Bunia” since the 20th october, 2010 and initiated some studies on reviewing/identification or understanding the banana/plantains based systems in the forest and savanah zones, and in the higlinds of the District of Ituri.

    I have just seen this website and will consult it for any constructive comment.

    Best regards


  2. hein permalink

    As becomes apparent from the data on the server, DRC is in dire need of improvement. As it is now, almost the entire country is a banana growing region. These are based on national data per province. I therefore look very much forward to your constructive comments, also on the socio economic characteristics of the banana areas. I would be very keen to see the research findings of your studies on banana/[plantain.

    best regards,
    Hein Bouwmeester

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